Blunt Bob for Fifty-Year-Old

Bob and many its variations like blunt bob are highly popular with women over 50 years. It is preferred by ladies who want to keep elongated strands, but at the same time enjoy a voluminous hairstyle.

This haircut envisages different volume on the back of the head and crown. Often this hairstyle is accompanied by a thick bang – straight or oblique.

Classic bob implies very short hair – just below the ears. But today it is much more common to have an elongated version when the strands reach the cheekbones and below.

Always fashionable

Women over 50, who follow the fashion trends and are not afraid of being bright, may try this mixed version. 

  • It envisages a voluminous upper part and elongated lower strands, which usually leave just below the cheekbones.
  • Depending on the image, the transition of the length may be very strong or smooth and almost imperceptible, but both options look attractive.
  • Some like the asymmetrical version with a side parting and without bangs – it is especially suitable for ladies with a round face.
  • Asymmetry can be obvious or almost imperceptible – it all depends on your desires.

Styling tips

Whichever haircut you choose, short hair usually needs styling, although it is noticeably simpler than for long hair.

  • This can be laid smoothly using a gel or foam, or if you need volume, you can lift the hair at the roots, dry it with a special device, and then fix it with varnish.
  • For mature females, more original solutions are available, for example, careless strands or even variant set in the manner of a mohawk.
  • If the cut was performed correctly, the options are well laid. However, you can easily change your total look, making it more interesting. For example, you can easily give volume to a blunt bob, if you lift the hair at the roots with a round comb during drying and twist the tips.
  • Wax or gel can also emphasize the different strands. Fore females 50+, hairstyles with curls are quite suitable – they make the image more feminine and romantic.
  • If locks are naturally wavy, you can simply shape them with foam or mousse, and then dry them with hot air. If the hair is straight, you can curl it curling, making beautiful waves.
  • Short strands keep the volume well, even they are thin, so your crown will remain lush and beautiful throughout the day.

However, it is worth remembering that ladies of this age group should not make too small curls, because they are more suitable for young ladies.

However, rather small curls, on the contrary, will help to rejuvenate the image and make it more fresh and feminine.