Choose a Hairstyle for Your Special Evening

There is no doubt that hairstyle is an irreplaceable attribute for any woman, especially when you are getting ready for an important event or an evening out. For the women in their fifties, it is crucial that the hairstyle will highlight the one‘s beauty and conceal any signs of aging. We created the list of options for mature women to wear on special nights.

Depending on the length of the hair, there are several hairstyles for mature ladies to choose from:

  1. Layered or feathered hair; 
  2. Subtle curls; 
  3. Beachy waves; 
  4. Bob- style;
  5. Pixie hairstyle;
  6. Straightened hair.

Layered or Feathered Hair

Layered or feathered hairstyles are really popular now and are perfect for women in their fifties.  The main feature of this styling is that the sections of the hair have different length. Moreover, this styling can be achieved on short to medium, as well as long hair. Therefore, layered or feathered hairstyle looks subtle and elegant on women in their fifties. 

Subtle Curles

Curles were always on the most common hairstyles. Nevertheless, ladies over fifty should be careful with curls: they do not always look good on mature women. In order to make this hairstyle work, the curls should be very subtle and big. This styling will be perfect for medium to long hair. 

Beachy Waves

Despite the fact that beachy and wavy hairstyles are usually the choice of the young women, many professionals claim that they can look very good on mature women with different hair length as it has an anti-aging effect. In addition to this, beachy waves are appropriate not only for an evening but also on a daily basis. 


There is no doubt that from all the hairstyles for mature women to choose from, bob is a win-win.  It is quite functional and does not require everyday styling. Bob will look good on thick as well as fine hair as it will create additional volume. There are several types of this hairstyle such as layered bob, short with the volume on the back of the head, and asymmetrical that will hide any signs of aging of the neck. Therefore, bob is rightfully very loved among the women their fifties. 


Although pixie can be controversial and risky, it surprisingly looks very good on the mature women.  At its core, pixie is a very short haircut, the main feature of which is strands that have different length.  They are laid out in a chaotic manner, without strict symmetry and clear lines.

Straightened hair

The last hairstyle choice that will be elegant and appropriate for an evening is straightened hair. Despite the fact that it is the simplest styling from our list, it is also a classic that is going to look good from short to long hair. Nevertheless, straightened hair is best for those with thick hair. Women with fine or damaged hair can require more volume.

To sum everything up, a well-chosen hairstyle is essential for women in their fifties, especially, for important occasions and evening-out. Subtle curls, beachy waves, bob, pixie, layered and feathered-, or simply straighted hair are those options that mature women can choose from.