How to choose a fashionable haircut for women over 50

Your age is just a small detail when we speak about your image. We will help you to find a proper hairstyle.

Just finalize what you want:

  • short; 
  • medium;
  • or slightly elongated haircuts. 

It is better to give upbraids and bunches, as well as long curls. It is also necessary to focus on the volume of hair. 

Would you like to learn more tips? We are ready to share them:

  • Bangs is an indispensable element. It can be completely different: torn, asymmetric, elongated, medium. It does not contrast with the total look. This is very important. 
  • You should not do complex, elaborate styling. Let your approach be natural and wise. In your age, it’s not appropriate to have excessively fluffy and motionlessly frozen by lacquer hair? 
  • Short haircuts – they are the most profitable options for the transformation and rejuvenation of the image. Read beneath about some tips:

Pixie or Garcon

Fell yourself joyful and active. These boyish haircuts open the temples and ear zone. They create a volume at the top, so they will surely decorate the ladies at this solid age. They can be performed smoothly, with even cut and soft transitions in length, or torn, feather-like, with strands sticking out to the sides. The main thing is to observe the principle of volume in the hair, especially if the shape of the face is far from the reference s. With or without a bang? It’s up to you, be creative! The latter can be absolute of any length, but its structure often acquires a profiled, torn, pointed shape.

  • Bob 

The bob square is created with a short length at the back of the head and gradually lengthening strands, reaching to the line of the ears or cheekbones. Such a solution should be created using graduations and layers effect. The crown and sides are processed in detail, the back of the head shouldn’t be cut too short – remember about necessary volume. The tips of the strands are can be performed with special hot scissors. Bangs favorably complements this haircut. It can be quite thick, medium or long.

  • Square

Females 50+ can choose any variation of this variant: smooth, torn, graduated or even asymmetric. The main thing is to pay attention to the condition of your hair and face skin. Clear contours, smooth lines, and no bangs will suit the ladies of fairly thick strands and an even oval face. Other women are better to prefer, graduation, thorn tips and bangs. They perfectly hide all unpleasant facial features. Bangs it is better to make up to the eyebrows to create an elongated shape. The tips of it should have a ragged effect or a sharp cut.

No doubt, that short haircuts can seriously rejuvenate the total look, but they need to go in line with the general style and character of a lady. Therefore, visits to the hairdresser and beauty professionals should be frequent – no less than one time in three months.